Saying Goodbye to Toxic Relationships

It’s incredible how easy it is to find ourselves surrounded by individuals that don’t light us up. It’s also incredible how easy it is to find ourselves surrounded by individuals that, not only don’t light us up, but also burn us OUT.

What happens when you realize that your best friend isn’t actually your best friend? What happens when you realize that the person you fell in love with is a stranger beside you? What happens when you realize the friend group you’ve shared so many memories and growing periods with doesn’t understand you at all?

Well, a multitude of things can happen. First, you could start to hold onto these relationships for dear life. You could begin putting up with more than you should because you want that person to know that “you’re there for them” or that “you love them.” You may begin to dismiss your own thoughts and feelings as a coping mechanism only to realize weeks, months, or even years later that you’re incredibly unhappy, living an inauthentic life and have sacrificed goals in the hopes that your being can heal someone else.

What’s happening is that a “reflection” of yourself is being broken. A reflection of your being that is trying to break away and present you with a whole new, happier reality of life. It’s hard to understand this at first. You may begin to feel guilty or feel as though you’re a “bad” person for wanting to break away. You may think something is “wrong” with you, become cynical, and not only begin to fester with the influence of your toxic counterpart’s emotions, but get sucked into their own lack of abundance and self-loathing.

Even worse is when your partner, friend or family member consistently gaslights you, makes you feel less than and guilty for your personal freedom, & begins to ask you to sacrifice meaningful parts of your being.

I’m not here to say that any of this is any easy process, however, I am here to shine some light. You aren’t a bad person. You aren’t wrong for not being happy. You aren’t wrong from wanting to change your life.

This is a HUGE problem for empaths because empaths are idealistic and truly care to provide love and understanding to all. But in a nutshell, who is there to provide love and understand to the empaths in the world? As much as we all wish someone else could do this for us, the only person we can ensure will take care of us (sometimes this takes a lot of training to do at first) is OURSELF. Guess what happens when we become the empathic friend to ourselves that we’ve always dreamed about? You start to meet other empaths. You start meeting other individuals who LIGHT YOU THE FUCK UP!

This process is scary. It seems like you’re going to lose a whole part of your being… & guess what… you are. But it’s a part of your being that is less-than happy than it could be. So although it seems scary, I am here to congratulate you and tell you that the possibilities that have just opened up for you are ENDLESS.

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