The Flower Moon (May 29th)

Alas, another full moon!

The flower moon isn’t necessarily a big turning point (aside from the fact that every full moon has its own agenda & intentions), however, the reason it is called the “flower” moon is due to the correlation with “may flowers” and “blooming.” That in itself is evident of a message to create, prosper, and procreate.

This message to create, prosper, and procreate, however, is influenced by the moon’s being in fiery Sagittarius. This means that it is a great time to release ourselves from any relationships that are not serving our future goals. We are releasing the flames on outdated concepts, burning them up, and allowing ourselves to plant new ideas and concepts for the future.

Since Uranus has entered into Taurus for the next 7 years, we have been faced with grounding ourselves. With this, in combination with the flower moon, we are being called to go one step forward. That means not only for ourselves, but for the sake of others. The influence of being grounded and taking care of our physical selves and bodies (Uranus in Taurus), in combination with the moon in Sagittarius during Gemini season (an air-sign season that sparks conversations, ideas, creativity, and duel perspectives), is calling us to recongzise that, not only do we deserve happiness, but that others deserve happiness as well. Sometimes this means people will be happier without certain individuals in there lives. Always remind yourself that it is okay to love someone from a far or to create boundaries with someone, something, or a specific environment. We’re seeing multiple sides to every story and situation. We’re cutting these ties as a necessity and we are doing it with love in mind. These cord-cutting moments are not meliciously motivated although they are necessary. This is an amazing time to harness your energy, not only for the necessity of your own being, but for your loved ones as well.

How does this affect you today?

You may be feeling joyful and find yourself with an abundance of creative energy. Exploratory ideas that used to feel far-fetched may find themselves more practical today. Have you been wanting to start a restaurant? Launch your own blog? Start writing a book? Why not make a physical effort to put this once far-fetched idea into motion. It never hurts to explore different paths! It’s advised not to make any concrete decisions today if you are exploring something new, but the urge to explore is very much advised! Your break from the norm may fuel new ideas to help you in an already established career path. Let things flow and remain optimistic!

Domestic chores and responsibilities may take the back seat on your list of priorities. You’ll be finding yourself a bit more idealistic, enthusiastic and optimistic today and should give yourself a day of fun and rehabilitation from Memorial Day weekend. The will to hang out with friends or family will be strong. Why not keep Memorial Day weekend going for another day? You deserve it.


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