The Dark & the Light

I haven’t always been the most positive person. I’ve seen and lived through many negative experiences. That, of which, have previously caused me to victimize myself and resort to cynicism.

I’d find myself so down that I would then criticize myself for feeling down. This perpetuated a cycle of negativity that affected not only my happiness but also my relationships, school work, and self and home life.

People always talk about hitting rock bottom and I can personally tell you that rock-bottom is a very real place. However, all of that being said, I’m here to explain how negativity is not a bad thing. Without my negative aspects, I would be a less-than version of the human I desire to be. I would have never understood what a neutral state of being was like. I would have never known how to balance myself, heal myself, or even hope to help others through their troubling experiences. Through my less-than ideal tribulations in life, I’ve created some of my favorite art works, written some of my most descriptive poems and learned to empathize and relate to others on a level so deep, I could never have imagined it.

It’s with each of these lessons that I’ve learned to appreciate all facets of life. The simple switch in mindset, to truly use every experience as a lesson to better myself (in whatever way that works for me individually), has allowed me to become a more balanced, authentic and appreciative human being.

In the end, I’d argue that it’s all about being and living authentically.

I’m not saying that we have the answers to life. Truthfully, we have zero “answers.” However, if I have to come up with words to summarize what life MIGHT be about, i’d say it’s all about looking back & knowing you lived in exact accordance to your wildest and most idealistic self (I’m definitely not one to say that something is impossible… so seriously, shoot for being the dream-version of yourself.) Perfection is an illusion so just be you (I know, cliche… but there’s a reason why these words are said.)

From all of my lessons thus far, I’m in a state of gratitude and appreciation for all of the sides that exist within me.

A mantra to acknowledge, say aloud, and practice today:

”I acknowledge and appreciate the light and dark elements that exist within my being. These elements make me uniquely authentic. I cherish these aspects daily.”


I love you unconditionally,

Flip ❤


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