Moldavite: What is it? Its Uses? & How to Spot Fakes!

I have always heard incredible stories about Moldavite. I’ve heard that it opened extraterrestrial connections for some, while others claimed that the energy was so intensely felt upon acquiring it, that they felt changed and transformed. As someone who claims to be spiritual, yet also a skeptic, and someone who likes to do their research, I had to get my hands on a piece.

The following photos are of my own personal piece of Moldavite: (Notice that the Moldavite appears differently with each cast of light.)

So what is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a tektite. Tektites are members of a large group of impact glasses, formed by the collision of a meteorite on the Earth’s surface and the subsequent melting of surrounding rocks.

Not much is known about Moldavite, however, it has been learned that Moldavite formed in southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic. This formation is said to have occurred by a meteorite’s impact in the Ries crate in Southern Germany 14.7-15 million years ago, about 500 km from their occurrence.
Technically, Moldavite is an impact glass. This is produced when terrestrial silica is fused in the intense heat and pressure created by the crash of large meteorites.

Spiritual information has been said to have been channeled and realized from wearers. It has been linked to guardian angels, diagnosing and healing diseases, and enlightening wearers to other worldly entities.

Overall, moldavite is a very powerful stone that many wearers have deemed “intense.” Sometimes too intense for people first embarking on spiritual paths. *If you find yourself experimenting with moldavite and finding it “too intense” ease into the wear of the stone. You are having an intense experience for a reason. Don’t let this energy detour you from the lesson(s) you are beginning to learn.

moldavite info

There are FAKE pieces floating around?

Because of Moldavite’s healing abilities, it has become a stone subject to counterfeiting. Most pieces are small, so a first “tell-tale sign” that a piece is fake is if someone is trying to sell you a piece that is larger than a few inches. Yes, there are some larger stones, however, these pieces will be expensive and should be investigated using a professional geologist. To help you find real pieces, my girls from Secret Stone Society (@SecretStoneSociety on instagram) have put together a brief information guide on the properties of REAL moldavite.secret stone society




Guess what, spotting reals and fakes is sometimes not that easy. A lot of fakes are being made with the inclusion of air bubbles and other “almost moldavite-like” properties. If you are confused as to where you can buy genuine pieces, I recommend buying from:

  1. Secret Stone Society: Click Here!
  2. Crystal Vaults: Click Here!


My Personal Experience with Moldavite:

So, I’m not kidding, this stone really is something powerful. Whether it is a “placebo effect” as my skeptic side would have me believe (because, yes, the power of thought in itself is extremely potent), or a powerful tool towards spiritual clarity, many beautiful things have happened to me since acquiring this stone.

I have slowed down tremendously. I have always put a level of pressure on myself to succeed, to have things figured out, to know my path… However, with this stone, I have allowed myself to take a step back. Acknowledging and talking about my fears has helped to understand and release them. I am taking a more practical approach to my life in general. Noticing that yes, money comes and goes, but that practical saving and money management are important. A lesson I come back to many times is the lesson that “incredible results require incredible work.” I come back to this lesson, each time molding it more clearly to suit my own life and needs. Work smarter, not harder, and work towards an ultimate goal.

Overall, I highly recommend researching and working with this stone. If you are someone beginning to work with crystals, I suggest easing your way into Moldavite. However, I also know that when certain things find you, it means it is time for you to dive into those specific lessons. If you find yourself reading this post, maybe it is time for you to explore.

I love you unconditionally,

Flip ❤


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