New Moon in Taurus: What this Means

Have you been feeling extremely overwhelmed the past few week? Have you been analyzing your emotions and wondering what the hell is going on? This period has been a very confusing emotion period. You may feel or have felt like you weren’t in control of your being. You are okay, this was felt by everyone. The more repressed emotions the more emotional and unstable you may feel. Don’t resist, this is why the emotions are sticking. Your highest self wants you to cry, release and heal. Allow yourself to heal. Your emotions are valid & you deserve to move forward into a more grounded and happy state of being.

I want you to know that you have not been alone in this experience. These past 6+ years have been years of destroying and rebuilding. It all started in 2012 when we thought the “end of the universe” was coming…. Well, in a way that actually did happen. It was the end of the previous reality. The end of the world of material and status and the beginning of the rebuilding of a world of healing and unconditional love. When you look around, this is quite obvious. Just look at the conversations that have sparked up within the last couple of years. We’ve been demanding change for years only for Trump to get elected as president & us be completely oblivious to how much change his presidency is actually evoking. Trump is the complete reflection of everything that no longer works in America and in this world. For us to change we needed someone boldly in our face to show us how ridiculous we’ve all been acting. He is the catalyst that has brought the human awareness to where it is, right here, right now.

This period has obviously brought on a lot of emotional turmoil. The collective has needed to purge every outdated concept and way of life to prepare for this new age. Some people know this age is called the Age of Aquarius, however, if you were just feeling things even more hardcore than before… it’s because yesterday the New Moon entered into Taurus. Not only does the new moon enter into Taurus, but Uranus shifts from fiery Aires into earthly Taurus for the next 7 years. This energy is extremely grounding. Ideas that have been swimming around in our conscious are being called into action. Every “I’m not sure if I can do it” or “I don’t deserve good things” sob story no longer has a place in this world. YOU DESERVE A GOOD LIFE!

If you’ve been idealistic about your finances and lacked spending control, this energy brings you back down to earth to take care of your priorities on this material, physical plane. It’s a great time to mediate, do yoga, take a warm bath, go for a walk and be in nature. Enjoy all of Earth’s lovely pleasures. It is now a time to take a step back and react slowly and steadily. We don’t have to rush anymore. We all know what we want in life and it’s up to us to allow ourselves to flow with these desires and to no longer repress and resist change.

Uranus is the planet of higher consciousness, representing a great awakening. Take this time to indulge in earth’s luxurious gifts. Connect with gratitude and focus on what you have, not what you don’t have. This is basically Source’s permission to enjoy life and all of the bliss that comes with it.

It’s very easy for us to get caught up in the way others treat us, what we don’t have, that our boss is mean to us, that we aren’t making enough money, blah blah blah. We’ve all been there, I’m not saying you’re wrong… however, look around you. Truly look around you. What you’re doing and fretting over isn’t life or death is it? You will be just fine. I promise you that 🙂

Happy New Moon! Sending blessings, abundance & happiness to everyone.

Love you unconditionally,



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